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Sprinkled Pink + Le Baton de Vie

Egg substitute

Egg substitute

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Vegan Allergy Friendly substitute concentrate

GF vegan allergy-friendly egg substitute concentrate. Free of seeds, nuts and legumes.

Available in 2 varieties: Organic brown rice protein or cassava base.

Rice based ingredients: Plain Seltzer, sorghum milk, extra virgin olive oil,sugar, brown rice protein pink Himalayan salt,cream of tartar, xanthum gum 

Cassava based: Plain Seltzer, nondairy  creamer or water, extra virgin olive oil,sugar, cassava pink Himalayan salt, fresh apple cider vinegar, and xanthum gum 

Directions: 1 heaping tablespoon of the concentrate +2-3 tbsp of seltzer or water equals 1 large egg.



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