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How can I order?

You can order right here on the website, or reach out via email sprinkledpinkorders@gmail.com for custom orders and special requests.

What made you decide to sell GF products?

I decided to sell gluten-free (GF) products because of my passion for accommodating clients with allergies and dietary restrictions, stemming from my own experiences as an extremely allergic kid.

My journey began 14 years ago when I received my first GF order for a friend's daughter with celiac disease.

Over time, I transitioned from selling mostly all-purpose allergy-friendly items to focusing on GF products. Working with a dietitian, I developed my GF bread and other products to address common problems faced by these clients who were on restricted diets due to medical conditions.

My recipes check all the boxes, plus they’re delicious! And things just took off from there.

Can I pick up locally?

Yes! Order local pickup or reach out via email sprinkledpinkorders@gmail.com.

Are the bread items yoshon?

As of now, only the bread is made with oats. After December it will vary, depending on stock.

What oils do you use?

We use Extra-virgin olive oil and light olive oil for most items, and palm oil shortening for anything requiring margarine. Some specialty cakes contain canola oil. Feel free to reach out for clarification.

Is anything corn free?

We generally don't use  any corn flour  but some items contain xanthan gum which is a popular binder for gluten free baking and most varieties are produced with corn.